Friday, 19 June 2015

Bistort in Leazes Park

Here is a good array of Bistort which I noticed recently.

At the moment Leazes Park is getting overgrown due to
budget cuts and of course, plants growing!

Other than invasive species such as the Japanese Knotweed and the spread of Rhodedendron, also our furry friends Rattus norvegicus, this is good news for wildlife as seeds and undergrowth proliferates.
Sometimes a large amount of people will converge on the park at once for events and when this happens a large amount of mess can be left behind.

The Park is now being maintained by Volunteer Rangers, Groundworks , and some of the Leazes Park Angling Club are getting in the Lake with their chest waders on to clean up mess and provide some habitat for the waterbirds and fish.

Lots of Canada Geese have had chicks this year and they have got well trained local people to feed them with either white bread or grain!

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