Saturday, 18 July 2015


I noticed that there is a large research project looking at the effect of mindfulness meditation on teenagers read about it here

I was interested in what one person said in the news story above that watching thoughts could be compared to watching buses go past.

The other evening a large Chinook Helicopter landed on the Castle Leazes Town Moor (maybe to get some emergency patients to the RVI) and it was quite dramatic. Usually an air ambulance helicopter
like these or these would land on the helipad at the RVI but that probably can't accommodate a Chinook.
I thought later about the comparison of thoughts passing during meditation as cars passing on a road, not getting in the cars, just noticing them. But sometimes a thought may seem very strong or important, and its hard to let go of. It seems to demand our attention, or we get taken away by it before we notice. These thoughts are like that helicopter!
I did find, during my last meditation retreat,that I finally got the message that all thoughts, no matter how important they seem, can be let go of during meditation.

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