Friday, 4 September 2015

Newcastle Serene Reflection Meditation Group move to Broadacre House

Our meditation group has moved meetings to Broadacre House since the start of September.
On first impression the new venue seems pleasant, nice and warm and dry, excellent access, and much more central.

Some history:
Broadacre House used to be (before the Government cuts) the home of the main Department of Work and Pensions offices for Newcastle, also housing JobCentre, Jobcentre Plus, New Deal (for the Unemployed) and various off shoots of that service.

At the other end of the block, (literally), which is Market Street East, was the imposing Market Street Police Station /Pilgrim Street Fire Station Look here for story and photos which closed recently.
I cannot really see this as a good move given the location, however it could be that it was difficult to get in and out of the station from Market Street in a vehicle during the day, and probably the building was expensive to maintain?
Another couple of public buildings which shut their doors recently in the centre of Newcastle were St James House, home of the now defunct Benefits agency and Welbar House read more
(government cuts to welfare budget again) also you can see some pictures or find out how to buy the site

Welbar House was demolished a few years ago, it was the home of sundry government bodies. Also ended. Surely a great many unemployed civil servants here now?

view from the sky showing Welbar House by Tyne and Wear archives

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