Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Limitless Sky, the Purifying Energy of Sun

Yesterday I happened to be looking up at the early evening sky and this is what I saw.
It was very strange to realise that what I was looking at was the earth's atmosphere. A bubble of gases around our wonderful planet, which is coloured this beautiful blue only because at this time of day, time of year, and position on the earth, the suns rays are colouring it that shade of blue.

Not just looking at the sky, but looking at the covering, the bubble, between us and outer space. Beyond the bubble, the infinite infinity.

The blue only appearing because the sun, that most powerful of all lamps, casting light not only on the sky, but on everything on this side of the earth.

The impression of light which we can see is only one of the sun's attributes. The other one is that plants can use it to grow by the process of getting energy via photosynthesis.
Animals eat plants, other animals eat them, also fish and ocean creatures do this, so all life is dependent on the sun.

The trees and the sun regulate the weather and the atmosphere.

The trees are growing because of the sun. Without the trees there would be no life either, because the trees regulate the weather and clean the air, also making oxygen!

The tree, an enlightened being, does this just because it exists. It doesn't want anything back for cleaning the air and making oxygen. When the wind blows, it bends and sways. In winter it rests.
When plastic bags or other rubbish arrives and gets tangled in its branches, it doesn't complain. It doesn't strive to get anything. It doesn't cling to anything. It just is, dwelling in nirvana.

Protect the trees, plant trees, protect the earth's atmosphere, protect all living things.

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