Sunday, 4 October 2015

Jesmond Dene to Paddy Freeman's Park

Last week we were in Jesmond Dene, and managed to find our way up to Paddy Freeman's Park, which was convenient for an appointment at the Freeman Hospital which I needed to attend.
On the way we passed some abandoned derelict buildings which were not marked on any map, only the well known (if not notorious) derelict, well and truly closed Fisherman's Lodge Restaurant being found on the internet.
The abandoned derelict buildings appear to date from the same period as Fisherman's Lodge but I have not managed to find any information about them.

One of the popular iconic bridges over the little Ouseburn

Some blackberries and roseships on the overgrown banks of the Ouseburn

And here is some video footage of wildlife on the Ouseburn

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