Monday, 28 December 2015

Floods in our regions

What a strange winter we have been having so far!
In November I had a short stay of a few days at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. There was a very heavy snowfall overnight and the thick snow and freezing temperatures were very worrying for me as I needed to get home for a hospital appointment later that week!
Not long after I got home, having survived the brief snowfall, we went into the strange winter- not- winter which which has consisted of chilly days and mild nights, too much wind and severe gusts, which have been enough to keep me indoors.

In December we have been having many days in the mid to high teens, for example 17 celcius.
So when firstly Cumbria, (Storm Desmond) parts of Northumberland (Storm Eva) and the North West got flooded ad then Yorkshire, I was not surprised.
Global warming is destabilising the climate.
El Nino weather pattern is causing weird weather.
Many local man made problems such as intensively building over flood plains, squashing watercourses into concrete culverts and concrete riverbanks, allowing rivers to become blocked with all manner of detritus, unsustainable farming practices, overpopulation leading to greater demand for housing. More people want second homes nowadays and also to live in low density housing suburbs where they can have a detached house and space to park a car. In the past (between the time of the Industrial Revolution and later 20th Century) most people in the UK lived in city tenements or terraces, which were in some ways more environmentally sustainable, despite the serious pollution from cities in those times.

York looks almost unrecognisable

Also this area is not normally at all underwater.

So, at this time of year I have talked about our habit of overspending on Christmas, because most people want to please their family and friends by buying the perfect present, and having the perfect party, and the perfect Christmas dinner.

Meanwhile actual skips are provided by landlords to take the overspill from the "waste" generated from unwanted food and unwanted packaging and unwanted gifts. People do also throw away old items if they have received new ones.

So, it is the time of year when companies which produce consumer goods often "go into the black" which means they sell enough products to make a decent profit. But this is bad news for the environment, as mass production uses mass fossil fuels, mining, fracking, pollution,with mass raw materials, then requires mass goods transportation, to get to us, the customers, all this is heating up our planet and degrading the environment.
Say No to Mass Production, say No to Christmas Waste, take time out to Do Nothing, Take time out to Buy Nothing!

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