Monday, 28 December 2015

Leazes Park Lake responds to heavy rain

These male mallard ducks seem quite happy that there is a lot more water in the lake. It looks really clean, so perhaps that pleases them.

The Leazes Lake holds water which has run off the Castle Leazes Little Moor, possibly also Skinner Burn, Lort Burn and soggy Fenland (Fenham). I saw water bursting up through walls and telecoms plates in the ground on Barrack Road!
The lake does discharge and flow down into Tyne, marked by the special stones which have been placed to mark the path of the Lort Burn and it can be heard rushing down there very clearly at the moment. As far as I have observed the source of the Lort Burn is in a boggy part of Castle Leazes Little Moor, not, as some have claimed, in Leazes Park itself. This is probably due to a misunderstanding about the area of Castle Leazes Little Moor (marked on some maps as Leazes Park) and Leazes Park as most people in the local area use it as a Park.

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