Saturday, 28 May 2016

Some Greenery in Leazes Park

water droplets from the previous nights rain shine in the centre of the greenery

Leazes Park Coot Family

A pair of coots have a handful of chicks and here they are getting fed. The chicks are learning how to forage for their own food by copying the parent bird.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Nun's Moor, Lilac bush

A beautiful lilac bush on Nun's Moor, which I saw today, on the site where an old house used to be, and in the background you can see across to Studley Terrace

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Leazes Park, Geese, Lake, Rhodedendron

The Lake Island with St. James's Park stadium in the background

Canada Geese and pigeons chill out enjoying the peace and quiet. Do you see how a lot of the geese are standing on one leg, they are sleeping... but keep one eye open, just in case. If any danger comes, one of the geese who is awake will sound an alarm call.

Rhododendrons near the wild garden area, looking very lush. Behind this is the Castle Leazes Little Moor and Castle Leazes Student flats

Carliol Square

I was attending a meditation evening with Newcastle Serene Reflection Meditation Group we meet in Broadacre House. and this view from the window of the opposite side of Carliol Square, with the distinctive building, I believe is called British India House. Built in the Art Deco style and housing a large array of businesses.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

New student flats in Newcastle city Centre

Here is a list of some of the the new student flats in Newcastle which I have just been reading about

Almost 1,300 ensuite student bedrooms on the Richardson Road site;
A 223-bed complex standing seven to eight storeys high, on Former Tyne Tees Television site;
46 flats for students at 4-6 North Street East, part of which has been used as offices for Northumbria University Estates team;
259 studio student apartments and six two-bedroom student flats on land once occupied by Westgate House;
575-bedroom student housing on the site of the former Newgate Shopping Centre;
Plans to demolish part of Northumbria Police’s former Newcastle city centre offices to create a 10-storey student accommodation block with 275 bed spaces for students;
Wordie – a Glasgow-based group which has appeared on the Sunday Times Rich List – plans to expand in the North East by demolishing Manor View House in the Manors area of Newcastle and building a student housing scheme on the site with 407 bed spaces;
Plans to convert Clough House and create 353 bed spaces;
Proposals to demolish 1 Kings Manor and build a property to house 462 students;
The former Chapman's Furniture store on Market Street East is to become 248 student flats, construction is well underway at this moment;
Last month the Liquid Envy club on New Bridge Street - previously the Oxford Galleries ballroom - was recommended by planning officers to be flattened and converted into student flats with 329 bedrooms...
In Strawberry Place car park, 9-10 storey block of 331 student flats;
St James’ Point, Pitt Street offers 216 student flats;
The View, part of the Downing Plaza development in the city centre, provides 444 student bedrooms in a mixture of cluster flats and studio rooms...

Tesco Delivery Grocery receipt

Here is my receipt from my last grocery delivery.
The Old El Paso Smoky Bbq Fajita Dinner Kit was supposed to go with the refried beans.
Unfortunately we thought it was nasty.
All these items are suitable for vegans anyway.

2 Loyd Grossman Tomato And Chilli Sauce 350G £2.00 £4.00
1 Tesco Whole Cucumber Each £0.42 £0.42
1 Tesco Little Gem Lettuce Twin Pack £0.80 £0.80
1 Old El Paso Refried Beans 435G £1.36 £1.36
1 Tesco Growing Salad Cress Each £0.24 £0.24
6 Tesco Carrots Loose £0.05 £0.27
2 Tesco 6 Wholemeal Pitta Bread £0.50 £1.00
1 Alpro Longlife Soya Cream Alternative 250 Ml £0.85 £0.85
6 Tesco Longlife Sweetened Soya Milk Alternative 1 Litre £0.75 £4.50
1 Tesco Broccoli Loose £0.43 £0.43
1 Tesco Hot Salsa Dip 300G £0.79 £0.79
2 Tesco Everyday Value Dark Red Kidney Beans 400G £0.30 £0.60
2 Tesco Frozen Mango Chunks 500G £2.00 £4.00
1 Clipper Organic 80 Teabags 250G £2.60 £2.60
1 Oatly Longlife Alternative To Cream 250G £0.75 £0.75
1 Tesco Sliced Mixed Peppers 500G £1.00 £1.00
1 Oreo Vanilla 154G £0.54 £0.54
1 Old El Paso Smoky Bbq Fajita Dinner Kit 500G £3.19 £3.19
1 Alpro Peach And Pineapple Yoghurt Alternative 4 X 125G £1.80 £1.80
2 Cauldron Foods Tofu 396G £1.50 £3.00
1 Tesco Wholefoods Pecans Nuts 250G £3.80 £3.80
1 Highland Spring Sparkling Water 12X500ml £3.99 £3.99
6 Tesco Everyday Value Longlife Sweetened Soya Milk 1 Litre £0.59 £3.54
1 Tuklok 20 Bin Liners 50 Litre £1.00 £1.00
2 Colgate Max White One Luminous Toothpaste 75Ml £2.00 £4.00
1 Tesco Apricots 320G £0.69 £0.69
1 Artisan Grains Nut Roast Sundried Medium Tomato 200G £2.50 £2.50
2 Tesco Caramelised Onion Houmous 182G £1.00 £2.00
1 Tesco Brown Onions 485G £0.59 £0.59
2 Tesco Everyday Value Ruby Red Grape Fruit Segment 538G £0.40 £0.80
1 Ecover Toilet Cleaner Ocean Waves 750Ml £1.75 £1.75
1 Tesco Sliced Leeks 700G £1.00 £1.00
1 9 Bar Original Carob Hit 5X40g £2.50 £2.50
1 Tesco Meat Free Butternut And Kale Nut Roast 500G £3.00 £3.00
1 Tesco Free From Toffee And Vanilla Cones 4 Pack 440Ml £2.00 £2.00
2 Tesco Free From Assorted Splits 6 X 75Ml 450Ml £2.00 £4.00
1 Tesco Recycled Toilet Tissue 4 Roll £1.75 £1.75

Monday, 23 May 2016

Nun's Moor Park

Some greenery in Nun's Moor Park.

Studley Terrace, Arthurs Hill

The terraced streets of Arthur's Hill looking really nice now the trees are coming out. This is what you see if you stand near the Nuns Moor Centre and look towards the West Road. A patrol car doing the rounds or on a policing mission. Seen on the Sunday of the Rugby Magic weekend.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Tesco frozen mangoes and avocados

I have also been using these frozen mangoes and avocados, which I am totally converted to. The avocados are an important part of the vegan diet due to the heathy fats they contain. However I find it difficult to get them ripe without bad bits in. These frozen ones are ready prepared (peeled and stoned) and perfect every time. So I mainly use them to make vegan guacamole, which I make with vegan soft cheese, salsa, and just mix it, delicious and healthy.

I put the mangoes in the microwave with some frozen berries, cook on high for a few minutes, then let it cool for a delicious porridge topping. Mangoes are also a difficult fruit to get right,when fresh, they are very difficult to prepare and rarely ripe. So both of these products work out good value for money and good for the environment.

Story about that covered by a few newspapers, read it here

Dairy free Vegan Ice Cream treats from Tesco

I have ben trying a few of the vegan ice cream products from Tesco. Very rich, creamy, delicious.

BBC iPlayer and TV Licence

Just recently I was at the hospital and in the waiting room the TV was showing BBC news, about the changes to the TV Licence rules, which is saying that people who watch catch up TV on BBC iPlayer but have no television and don't watch any live tv, will need a licence or face a prosecution case.

I am totally disgusted by this, as I do fall into this category, not even watching the BBC that much but now and again a few programmes, on iPlayer, even though I do believe it is biased to the Establishment.
I have used my (free) open dns account to block the BBC from my network, I prefer Channel 4 anyway which is not part of the BBC and has better programmes. I have also signed up for a (free) trial of Netflix.

Town Moor Cattle water trough

Another group of town moor cattle with their new water trough. Its important that farm animals have access to fresh drinking water. They are going over to drink regularly throughout the day.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Artwork in Wallsend Hall Grounds

Jeff spotted this art in Wallsend Hall Grounds recently

Hamsterley Forest

On Monday Jeff and I went to Hamsterley Forest
The trees were starting to turn green and lots were in full bloom.
If you are able to go here during the day and not at weekends or during school holidays you will find a wonderful peaceful place to walk and enjoy. There are trails for all abilities and lots for young children to enjoy too.

Festival Sunday at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey

Recently I attended a Festival Sunday at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. We joined with Buddhists worldwide to celebrate the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha's birthday in the Festival of Wesak

Abbot Reverend Daishin Morgan gave a talk in the Ceremony Hall on "The Illusion of a Me"

St Andrews Worswick Street

Recently the weather has been good enough to walk around the town and get some photos. Jeff took this photo of the porch at St Andrews Worswick Street

At the church there are a lot of different activities, very good and not just for Catholics, check out the web site.

Newcastle Town Moor Cattle

Recently the Town Moor Cattle have had a new water trough.
We have been watching the installation stages as Northumbrian Water have put a new pipe for fresh water off the mains in Barrack Road, and the Freeman of the City have been working on the new water trough construction and getting the water connected, using a kind of cistern system. Much excitement was to be had as the herd which grazes on Castle Leazes Little Moor discovered the trough and all galloped over to check it out and all wanted try the fresh running water. Its proving very popular.

A conversation around the water cooler

Some of the herd, with the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Leazes Park and Newcastle in the background


After a visit to Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey in April I was inspired to put a new Buddha image on my altar, this one is Fudo, Fudoshin, who is a variation of Achalanatha, the immovable one, who had in one hand a sword to cut through delusions, and in the other a rope to bind violent passions and emotions. I have also heard that the rope symbolises the Buddhist Precepts. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood