Sunday, 15 May 2016

Tesco frozen mangoes and avocados

I have also been using these frozen mangoes and avocados, which I am totally converted to. The avocados are an important part of the vegan diet due to the heathy fats they contain. However I find it difficult to get them ripe without bad bits in. These frozen ones are ready prepared (peeled and stoned) and perfect every time. So I mainly use them to make vegan guacamole, which I make with vegan soft cheese, salsa, and just mix it, delicious and healthy.

I put the mangoes in the microwave with some frozen berries, cook on high for a few minutes, then let it cool for a delicious porridge topping. Mangoes are also a difficult fruit to get right,when fresh, they are very difficult to prepare and rarely ripe. So both of these products work out good value for money and good for the environment.

Story about that covered by a few newspapers, read it here

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