Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Marbles, buttons, stainless steel

Since I have last posted, I have had been involved with recycling  and re-homing many objects.
Just one of the many objects was a collection of marbles, which had been sitting around doing nothing for many years, and found a new home with a small girl who likes to play with them.
Also I found a new home for antique pegs, a big tin of buttons, various mid twentieth century stainless steel kitchen objects, and lots of clothes, tea towels and more.
I also was inspired to have a paperwork purge. Most of the paper went straight in the recycling  bin or shredder, some I took a photo of before throwing it away.
These have all gone on to new homes now, where they will actually be appreciated and used.
A while ago I read that when you consider that it actually costs you financially to store unwanted items, because you are providing them with housing, and housing costs, ether rent, mortgage or utility bills, so unwanted items are not helping financially. Most importantly, when other people actually need the items, which I have no use for yet are storing, it makes sense to let them go.

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