Saturday, 18 March 2017

Aldi, Sainsbury and HI YOU! Frugal Lent continues

A weeks shopping at Aldi. The fruit and veg made some curries and traditional dinners.

Aldi doesn't sell Tofu, so I called in to HI YOU which is near Debenhams on Newgate Street. I like that they have a big choice of Tofu, even organic tofu, as well as selling Tempeh.

You will notice on the list some Zheng Feng Dried Ning Xia, which we know as Goji Berries, these are nice in porridge.
Put a tablespoon oatmeal aka Porridge Oats in a bowl, add some dried raisins, any dried fruit like Goji berries, dates and soya or almond milk, leave it overnight and in the morning microwave it for 2 minutes, then add some more milk and some sunflower seeds or nuts of your choice.

I am planning on making some Tofu Breaded (in breadcrumbs) Fingers or Steaks tomorrow for Sunday Dinner.

The last receipt was from Sainsbury, which was convenient for last week's shopping for having to be in High Heaton for a large part of the day last Thursday. There are a couple of vegan cheeses here. I have already tried the soft cheese with a hot curry, I made a vegetable curry with a jar of Patak's Sag Masala sauce

It is very easy to make curries with the jars of sauce. I chopped 4 large carrots, some broccoli and potatoes, and steamed them for 9 minutes in the microwave.
Whilst they were steaming I added the sauce and a carton of chick peas to a large pot, then drained and added the potatoes and vegetables, and simmered for about an hour.
There will be some leftovers of that for dinner tonight.

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