Saturday, 18 March 2017

Buddhist Altar At Home

This is how the altar works at the moment.
There is a small Thai Buddha which was a gift from a family member. The actual cabinet itself is an Ercol Sideboard inherited from a deceased ancestor.
In front of the Buddha is a small vase of water, which symbolises the refreshment of training and offering help to Buddha.
The red triangle fabric in front of Buddha was a gift from the meditation group and originally from China. The leaf pattern textile covers a cardboard shoe box, the textile was also a gift from a Time Exchange member.
The small green bowl, which was given by a friend, in front of the Buddha, is used for burning incense, which we do before meditation. On the left is a saucer with a tea light, on the right is a wooden bowl, which came with the Ercol, and has some artificial fruit in.

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