Thursday, 2 March 2017

Diesel Vehicles, Convert, Keep, or Scrap?

Recently a government minister here in the UK suggested people who were buying a new car consider a low emission vehicle rather than a Diesel.

In "the great car economy" buying new things is encouraged. Cars and roads top the list, although now its new buildings....

There is also a push to introduce a scrappage scheme for Diesel vehicles.

Unfortunately there are a lot of vehicles on the roads pumping out very bad exhaust, anyone living in a city has had the experience of chocking on fumes from buses.
However the cost of making new cars is very bad for the environment... so where possible, converting engines or upgrading them is better.
For example converting to natural gas

Diesel vehicles can also be converted to run on LPG.

The best solution for out of warranty Diesel vehicles is running Diesel vehicles on used biodiesel aka chip fat.

I know someone who has been running a Peugeot Diesel saloon on this for many years, as long as you have a source of used chip fat it and your car is out of warranty.

More on that here

It also solves the problem of disposal of the used cooking oil. There are serious problems when cooking oil gets into drains, as it solidifies once in the drains and blocks them. causing another set of environmental problems.

We are getting into the age of the disposable everything, disposable clothes, disposable cars,
disposable technology, disposable cups, disposable planet... so lets think about where our polluting Diesel vehicle goes when we scrap it. Does it go "away"? And where is "away"?

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