Thursday, 2 March 2017

Frugal Lent at Aldi

As part of the Vegetarian and Vegan Frugal Lent, this weeks main shop was at Aldi, a choice mainly due to the low cost and good quality of the fruit and veg, there is an offer called Super 6, which is ridiculously low priced fruit and veg...

I have had a hard time recently getting decent fruit and in particular citrus fruit. Vegetarians and vegans need a lot of Vitamin C in order to absorb iron from food, a point which is not well known, so the aim is to have citrus fruit every day.

The bag of carrots was essential for the carrot coconut and lentil curry on the meal plan, which was very tasty, served yesterday with potatoes and Pataks Lime pickle, also the soya milk is very good at 59 p. The oranges were very good, sweet and juicy, also the easy peelers are good, better than some of the dry and tasteless stuff I have had in recent weeks from other shops.

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